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Soap Wishes, Hand made in Norfolk

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October the 16th 2019

  My​ crochet Eco cloth and Scrubbie were a natural thing for me to make to go with my Soaps from Soap Wishes as I am the sort of person that does knitting crochet and Spinning and I will always be doing something like that; I made the patterns for both and I am happy with the way they came out, The wash cloth is £6 and the Scrubbies are 4 for £3.50 this is the price for buying them at craft fairs. They come in all kinds of colours and some are pure cotton and some are cotton Acrylic, the pure cotton are eco friendly which is fine, but I prefer the cotton acrylic the reason being, the pure cotton can shrink and can wash up quite rough and , stiff, which can be just whats wanted.; however the cotton Acrylic are much softer usually more gentle on the face or for babies skin, and they wash easily in the machine and come out still nice and soft, and with careful treatment should last for several years. I hope to follow with a free pattern soon for the Scrubbie so keep an eye out for that if you like to crochet.  

Felted soaps  What could be nicer, these are my own hand made soaps, non scented, so totally suitable for most people, made with olive oil coconut oil, shea butter, castor and added luxury Avocado oil.

The felted covering is made from the cleaned washed carded and hand felted Romney fleece that I bought from Adam Hensons Cotswold farm!

This not only looks great in your bathroom, but is really nice for bathing and showering, the felted surface makes it easy to keep hold of the bar, and it bubbles up nicely in the warm water making it very economical to use.

check it out in my Etsy Tickledcobweb shop!

E​co Bath or shower puff, its super easy I just love it, I made a new crochet pattern up that doesn't take ages to make and voila! listed on Etsy my Tickled cobweb shop

and the pattern has a scrubbie pattern with it too can't  be bad......

Check out my Etsy shop link below for the pattern 

The winner in the complex soap challenge... horray I am so pleased​

Etsy tickled cobweb shop

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