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Soap Wishes, Hand made in Norfolk

My Story

Iv''e loved every minute of my journey so far

An Idea Is Born

I was born in the lovely coastal village Brancaster in Norfolk. when I decided to make soaps, I felt such an affinity with Brancaster that I decided to make a range of soaps that would evoke that feeling, and that it would be something that others that live here too, as well as those that holiday here would appreciate too.   

How is it made?

My soaps are made with a high olive oil content, as this is a really wonderful oil along with the Shea butter for moisturising, there is coconut oil and castor oil which are really good for a nice lather, and for luxury Avocado oil, then once this is the same temperature as the lye and water they are mixed together with a stick blender to trace, essential oils are added, and then the soap mixture is put in a mould to gel and then set, you then have soap which will be cut and then cured for 4-6 weeks

before wrapping and using..

A treat for your skin

We all have used any mass produced soap without realising the amount of non natural ingredients that are actually in them; I wanted to hand make bars that have lovely natural oils,essential oils,and butters that I'm proud to call mine.

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