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Soap Wishes, Hand made in Norfolk

Find the perfect gift at Soap wishes

I like to make my soaps and give them names that mean something to me, as I was born in the coastal village of Brancaster so have a background of memories from the coast, each soap has it's own individuality, and is thoughtfully packaged so each reflect their name.

My website has several pages and each page has info and pictures, and I have started a blog which is a sub category of about and will be posting free patterns and possibly recipe's for small things like lip balm you can have a go at.

My ETSY shop which is called tickledcobweb and soap wishes, there are some soaps for sale there, and also my patterns that I design, so have a peek!

 there are Pintrest and instagram symbols that can be checked out!

you can email me for any info I check my emails daily so should get back to you fairly quickly.

thank you for dropping by 


coastal themed Soaps

There is the Brancaster Beach soap this is a blend of sea weed lemongrass and rosemary, the Spring tide soap which is an unscented,,the Seven ages soap which is a lemongrass and ginger soap and the sail away soap which is peppermint and ylang  

vegan Soaps

I have several vegan Soaps​, these have been made with plant based oils and have no animal fats in them.

my soaps have not been tested on animals and are not made with palm oil.

they have been marked as vegan. 

Gift baskets and sets

I have a selection of gift boxes and sets.£15

there are also Hessian gift bags which are quite popular.£10

and There are two soap gift boxes which are a natty little gift.£7

these are readily available at the fairs that I attend

Etsy shop for soap listings

Be sure to check me out at the following craft fairs...

Wed am

Be sure to look me up at the Docking Farmers market and crafts, I will post when I will be there next .I know there is still uncertainty but hopefully things will improve soon,  

I am on the move, and will not be around for a time till my new home is organised.

Remember I still have an Etsy shop where there are a few goodies I make, the link is




The Garage Studio Art Gallery 44 Docking road Ringstead PE365LA pho 01485525715

this Gallery supports the creation of the wild flower meadow beside peddars way south.

This studio has a selection of Art from local Artists, and they also sell a selection of my Hand made soaps.

OPENING Thursday to Sunday, 12pm-4pm weather permitting 

[email protected]

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